Every year at least 300,000 young people with autism and related disabilities age into what should be the workforce. Despite the fact that most want to work, the majority don’t get jobs. This costs them dignity and income of work, while it robs employers and others of the benefits of their many talents. I’m so proud to be a part of Joanne and Susan’s Autism Works Now program which provides young adults with autism the tools and skills they need to reach their employment goals. Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne are dedicated to spreading the word about creating job opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum and do a great job educating potential employers of the benefits of hiring our young adults
- Julie Wedeen, Board Member, Autism Movement Therapy/Autism Works Now

“Autism Works Now – improved the quality of our life" … by changing the dynamics and communication we have with Alexis, our 20-year-old Autistic Daughter. Autism Works Now (AWN) is the best program we have ever attended. Alexis is developing many more skills useful in everyday communication. Joanne and Susan are dedicated professionals with firsthand experience working with Autism – and seasoned experts in the educational needs of their clients.

Amy DeBlaise’

Parent of Alexis, AWN Candidate

The reason why I like our AWN program is because I really like how it helped me learn how to be a good employee. At my current job, I greet customers, sell pies, pass out flyers and cleanup when we're finished! I really like getting a paycheck too!

Colin Crawford

Glorious Pies Employee & Autism Works Now Candidate

My son Colin has been in the AWN program since 2017 and has benefited greatly. He's learned many important job skills and has his first paying job. He is much more responsible and confident since starting AWN. He's learned valuable customer service skills, as well as handling money, plus so much more. He loves getting a paycheck, which has also helped him with money management and banking too. We are forever grateful for AWN!

Sarah Crawford

Mother of Glorious Pies Employee

The Autism Works Now book has lots of advice on practical skills that students with ASD need to be taught.

Temple Grandin, PhD

Employing a strength based approach the authors combine concepts of engaging deep interests with practical strategies for finding and keeping a job. A great step forward in making fulfilling and productive employment for autistic individuals the rule rather than the exception.

Stephen M. Shore

Ed.D. Internationally known educator, consultant, presenter, and author on issues related to the autism spectrum

With this book, Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne present a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students affected by autism spectrum disorder to transition from school to employment. This interactive resource is an essential guide for teachers and caregivers working with young people to develop the necessary skills for getting and keeping a job.

Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh

CEO, Center for Autism & Related Disorders (C.A.R.D.)

Autism Works Now develops the skill set that our youth need in order to compete in the job force with dignity!

Matt Asner

Parent, advocate, Autism Society of America VP

This is a much-needed resource that fills the gap in this country’s school-to-job programs!

Areva Martin

Esq., President, Special Needs Network, USA

With an estimated 50,000 kids with autism reaching adulthood in the U.S. each year, thank you Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne for creating an innovative program to prepare these young adults for employment. With the help of Autism Works Now, they will reach their full potential and lead independent, productive, meaningful lives. Hallelujah!

Yudi Bennett

Co-Founder, Foothill Autism Alliance & Exceptional Minds

Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne raise thought-provoking questions and unpack ideas relating to how we are preparing our students on the autism spectrum for life after high school. With this book, they lay the groundwork for educators and families who are helping young people develop the tools they need to work and live in the 21st Century.

Dan Phillips

Transition Specialist, Culver City Unified School District, California

Joanne Lara & Susan Osborne have created a comprehensive work readiness program with Autism Works Now and their Workplace Readiness Workshop. With this valuable resource, many individuals with autism will gain the ability to get and keep meaningful employment so they can go on to become valued members of their communities.

Alex Plank

Autism Advocate and Founder, WrongPlanet.net

This is the quintessential handbook for every teenager and young adult on the autism spectrum and their employers! It’s a fabulous guide to making certain individuals with autism are successful in their careers and job search. Exactly what we need right now.

Susan Corwin


Being part of Autism Works Now makes me feel more positive about the future and possibilities to help me reach my goals. That makes me happy.

Zachary Inkeles

Author and artist, Autism Works Now, Los Angeles, candidate

Brilliant! Autism Works Now is essential reading for autism parents, educators, and self-advocates. Joanne Lara and Susan Osbourne have created the road map to successful employment in today’s job market and –spoiler alert – preparation begins earlier than we were previously told! As an autism parent I am exceptionally grateful for this amazing tool. The work force needs these amazing, talented individuals, and they deserve the dignity and empowerment that comes with gainful employment!

Shannon Penrod

Host of “Autism Live; “Producer of “Autism in the Classroom”

Being part of Autism Works Now makes me feel more positive about the future and possibilities to help me reach my goals. That makes me happy.

Zachary Inkeles

Autism Works Now Candidate, author & artist

Autism Works Now gives individuals with ASD the much-needed opportunity to work and earn a pay check with their Glorious Pie work program! Fantastic!

Rachel Barcellona

Unicorn Children’s Foundation Ambassador

Autism Works Now fills a much-needed void in the autism community ~ teaching pre-employment skill sets required for employment!

Gina Rugolo - Parent

Rugolo Entertainment

Autism Works Now is a favorite cause for celebrities, philanthropists and businesses who donate their time, money and talents to help create opportunities for those on the spectrum seeking an opportunity to work and thrive. Our deep appreciation to:

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